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Homeless in the streets of Belleville

Talking weapons

by Karen Dawe

I was moved out of my apartment forcefully bang onto the sidewalk and without warning I had become homeless. Then followed stalked a braceletted. Oh, Ive been told before about the blaming, shaming person that I had become. It s a lot like a suicide note. It s written by cas and their followers the courts.
The talking weapons were assigned roughly eight years ago. I think there owned privately therefore it s been nearly impossible to pun it down and it s so damn intrusive
the jobs not getting done anyway. I keep trying though. I have a tape from aDave Case he was monitored too and by the time I finally tracked down the MKUltra weaponry disk Id nearly lost everything due to homelessness and the weapon. Im pretty sure the holder of the weapon is a druid and the message is always the same as long as I dont go against the CAS and the horrors that it permits in the court then Ill at least as the weapon crys out only be hung? The whole incudent started as I said eight years ago. When will it end. It ends when I say it does and everyday I try to push filurther ahead to stop it and every other days the decibels are turned up to drown out my fears. The hatred is fuelled by native americans or at least that s what the excuse is? It s a radical racial hatred that is unexplainable really however it s as real as anything Ive ever known. Each time I say to the weapon Im not native my daughter is tje subject changes to being hung ir arrested put on an agressive CTO well as I have expressed it s been on there in secret for eight years anyway. Then the forced verbatim turns too panhandling some clause Ive known that s been there for some years. I will continue to write if I can and if you accept it because I really need that right now. As I said I do have a disk from Dave Case that did his homework and Im am really ecstatic about that. The more I reason it out the more I can make it through another day and yes I will make it through until tomorrow. Homeless in Belleville Ontario and suffering big time. Yours truly Karen Joy Dawe age 60 years of age.

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